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My advice, to find the perfect swimsuit for your body!

My advice, to find the perfect swimsuit for your body!

In one of my very first blogs I advised everybody to use our e-fitting room.
Once you know your measurements and sizes you can start shopping!

Next question, "what kind of swimsuits should you (I) buy"?
It is important to know your body type so you can shop accordingly.
Wearing the right style of bikini can do wonders for your figure.  Ooh yes, ladies, that is so true! 
We all want to look good at the beach...pool...party...spa...
There are infinite options of bikinis these days and we all know bikini shopping can be overwhelming at times. Just read and use our advice to help you on your search for the perfect bikini or a swimsuit.  You will feel confident and happy with your purchase.

Hourglass: Slightly curvaceous and shaped like an hourglass. 
Underwire or halter style will support your chest and full coverage bottoms will look slimming. One-piece swimwear is also a flattering option.
We advise; Lionfish Hawaii collection one piece, Picasso Triggerfish and Bannerfish sun for the full coverage bottoms.

Straight: Less curves, hip and bust measurements are similar. 
Ruffles, gathering or padding on top will fake some curves, or you can get away with a more skimpy style string top and bottom or hipster bottoms.
We advise; Picasso Triggerfish or Lionfish Hawaii Sport Couture one piece.

Apple-busty: If you have this body, you have a larger upper-body and fuller breasts. Buy swimwear with straps and patterns. Also consider a halter-top style swimsuit. Make sure the swimsuit provides added breast support.
We advise; Bannerfish Triangle bikini, Parrotfish bandeau with breast support.

Pear-bigger-hips: Wider on the bottom than you are on the top. In this instance, you carry more weight in the hips, thighs and legs. What you want to do is draw attention above the waist. Buy a swimsuit with a lower neckline. Also look for bright colors on the top of the swimsuit.
We advise; Kihi kihi slimmer one piece from Bannerfish.

I hope you can find your choice in our advice, and I wish each of you can find your perfect swimsuit for your body,

Enjoy your shopping moment!


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