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Things that make me smile (part 1)

Things that make me smile (part 1)

Welcome to my very first blog. Partly for work, partly for pleasure, I´ve been travelling a lot these last years and I´ve been to so many beautiful and special places. As everyone these days, I´ve shared some pictures throughout my private social media channels.  The experience of being there, inspired me a lot. Nevertheless, I´ve never thought writing my own blog… So now, here I am… my first blog.

I guess, this is ‘the right time'. I have been so busy in 2015 with so many different things and new projects are coming up, so I just feel I’m ready to share these moments with you.  Not only media wise, but my written thoughts and expressions.

My main project and focus at this moment is Ocean Couture and Shark Couture. Secondary I´ve been asked to do styling for a few new projects… very soon I can reveal these new projects… So hold on a bit, because I would like to share this with you.

In the near future, I would like to give you some advice throughout my blogs… living the life @ the beach, your next pool party, spa wellness time, and so on… Either for me-time or for family time.

Whether you are dark skinned or pale skinned, every skin type has its own way of protecting or taking care. I will try to give some advice.

So… I will share my days and my work with you.  Maybe my travel time, dinner time, behind the scenes…

And last but not least….Advice in my swimwear world!

I will share my world with you,


By MissK

Things that make me smile

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